Overcoming Resistance and Migrating to Content Automation

Automation can help organizations in the life sciences streamline a content delivery process that may already be strained by quality controls, limited resources, or compliance issues.

Why content automation?

  • Define, control and approve dynamic content on the fly
  • Easily manages study information, country regulations, and translations
  • Ensure content is reliable, complete, consistent, accurate, and secure
  • Alleviate the headache and workload associated with manual processes
  • Enforce operational compliance and meet regulatory requirements
  • Gain confidence demonstrating control during audits

Key topics covered:

  • Content Development: Tools for Dynamic Authoring
  • Content Management: Improved Workflow and Approvals
  • Content Publishing: Output and Preservation
  • Content Distribution: Compliance and Control
  • Content Migration: Bringing Content Forward
  • Content Automation: Evolved and Improved