All Together Now: The Benefits of Playing in a TrackWise Sandbox

In life sciences, TrackWise (Sparta Systems) is a powerful quality management tool. Even so, my colleagues and I at Glemser always look to improve on already strong foundations. We know how important a clean and organized environment is. Unfortunately, numerous groups updating or changing one environment for their own configurations can turn a clean environment into a mess.

Pharmaceutical companies and CROs in life sciences often ask me how to organize a cluttered TrackWise environment. While the task may seem overwhelming, the answer is simple. A sandbox environment provides a best practice to keep your environment running as smoothly as possible.

What’s the Problem with Change?

There are two primary reasons to change configuration. The first is business requirements requiring new processes. The second is process improvements that changes implementation. In either, multiple workflows sharing one configuration become a problem when testing systems. Incorrect data fields that lack associated documentation can affect your processes—and may even become an issue during an audit. You need a quick and easy way to make these changes work.

Figure 1: Environment challenges include combining configurations and addressing dead configurations.

How Will a Sandbox Help?

Creating a sandbox for your TrackWise configurations allows you to enjoy the benefits of separate system level configurations. Users throughout your organization can create different fields in the sandbox, developing multiple work streams or processes simultaneously and only bringing finalized fields into the working environment. Once data fields are approved and ready, you re-key information—ensuring the environment only contains configurations that belong.

Figure 2: Environment solutions include re-keying development workstreams, configuring multiple work streams simultaneously, and eliminating dead configurations.

What’s the Payoff?

The small extra effort you make to re-key your processes will—in the end—save your organization time… allowing you to reach organizational goals sooner and avoid major headaches along the way. These—along with configuration changes that are always kept current and correct–are just two of the benefits to a sandbox environment.

My focus and experience is advanced Quality Management solutions that help life sciences organizations better manage their IT systems with compliance and efficiency. In my future insights, I will share additional tips and use cases.