ComplianceAuthor™ for Cannabis

Calm the Compliance Chaos with Compliant Labeling Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

As a cannabis multi-state operator, you are living in a chaotic compliance environment. With dozens of differing requirements from each state and a constant stream of regulatory changes, it’s extremely difficult for cannabis organizations to maintain compliance and operate effectively.

This all leads to excessive effort, added cost, increased anxiety and changes to your labeling that can damage your brand.

At Glemser, we developed ComplianceAuthor for Cannabis to give multi-state operators a sustainable solution to labeling and compliance.

We have helped the pharmaceutical industry for the last decade solve very similar challenges. Large pharma can have over 50,000 label changes that need to be tracked, traced and reported on. Our system helps them simplify this complex chain of events from lab to patient and now cannabis multi-state operators can benefit from this battle-tested system of compliant labeling for the FDA.

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ComplianceAuthor for Cannabis is focused on delivering four key pillars

  1. Reduce cost

  2. Save time

  3. Protect your brand

  4. Sustain compliance

Reduce Cost

Compliance requirement changes can make your current labels obsolete and create significant unneeded costs. With ComplianceAuthor’s on demand labeling system and AI driven language processor, changes to your labels will not create additional work for your employees or hurt your bottom line.

Save Time

One regulatory change can wreck the processes and systems you have in place. Because ComplianceAuthor for Cannabis is built to manage consistent changes, regulatory updates are easy to manage in real time.

Protect Your Brand

The compliance product label should not hurt your brand. You worked hard to build a brand your customers love and return to. With ComplianceAuthor for Cannabis you can create compliant labels on demand that will not pull attention away from your brand.

Sustain Compliance

Being compliant today doesn’t mean you will be compliant tomorrow. With so many changes (and more to come) you need a reliable system to quickly react to regulatory changes. With ComplianceAuthor for Cannabis you have a reliable system to make sure you maintain compliance with every regulatory change.

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