ComplianceAuthor® for Global Labeling

Easily and cost effectively manage your global product labeling with a system that your authors will love to use and reduce your label generation time from months to days.

ComplianceAuthor® for Global Labeling helps life science regulatory professionals manage, scale, and streamline global product labeling and perpetually sustain compliance.

Content Analytics and Change Control

Search, find and index content; manage change control across your enterprise

Structured Product Labeling

Engineer your product’s controlled compliant components from lab to patient

AI Automated Report Writing

Use AI to transform structured data and report writing into natural language generation

“Glemser has been a trusted advisor throughout our successful implementation. They combine functional knowledge, technical expertise and attention to detail which not only saves us time, but also money. Over our engagement, Glemser continues to support our solution and values our working relationship at the team level.”

janet s., regulatory affairs director

An End-to-End Solution for Structured Product Labeling

Natural Language Processing

Using life science trained AI and machine learning, quickly transform all your unstructured data into structured data, while perpetually sustaining compliance


Our leading practice process standardization harmonizes agency-neutral content with meta-data for controlled compliant components and data driven documents and art work

Natural Language Generation

Automatically create crucial narratives and translation from your data, adopting operational efficiencies and smarter automation

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