“The client needed advanced Web-based workflow capabilities. Using the Documentum content management platform, we have streamlined our collaborative marketing materials creation and review process, enabling us to deliver products to market faster and more effectively.”

Business Overview

The client, a worldwide pharmaceutical company committed to discovering, developing, and marketing new therapies and treatment programs that can improve people’s health and save lives. The company is a recognized leader in biotechnology, genomics, and gene therapy.

Their core product groups are allergy/respiratory, anti-infective/anticancer, dermatologicals, and cardiovasculars. The company also has a global animal health business as well as leading consumer brands of foot care, over-the-counter, and sun care products.

Innovative research, effective marketing, and solid financial management have enabled the client to grow and deliver superior financial results year after year.


With worldwide research and manufacturing facilities, the client’s product marketing team is responsible for coordinating communications and advertising efforts with the company’s various internal and external constituencies, the latter of which includes doctors, regulatory officials, hospital administrators, pharmacists, ad agencies, and legal staff.

Given the competitiveness of the global pharmaceutical industry and the rush to market new products, the importance of the product marketing group cannot be underestimated. The division is the lifeline between the client’s products and the doctors, pharmacists, and the general consumers who must feel comfortable with client branded treatments.

“All the material we publish to the Web and otherwise has to go through a lengthy approval process, involving five separate departments … as well as outside agencies that collaborate with us on the projects,” says the Director of Marketing Services. “Each week 14 people would meet for one-half day to make critical decisions about the projects underway. It was very time intensive.”

Automate Marketing Collateral Cycle to Accelerate Creation of Powerful Sales Tools

The product marketing group produces several pieces of collateral, such as sales literature and data sheets, for each pharmaceutical taken to market. The creation, review, and approval of these materials was an entirely manual process and the company had no means of knowing the points collateral pieces were at within it.

The client recognized that, in order to arm its sales force with marketing collateral in a more timely fashion, it would need to shorten this process by leveraging the Web.

Minimize In-Person Meetings for Increased Time-to-Market and ROI

For all projects, the client involved outside agencies as well as its staff worldwide. Such an inclusive process, although it resulted in the most powerful marketing materials, was extremely time-consuming. The product marketing team as well as outside agencies would meet in person frequently to complete the materials.

The company realized that it required a more efficient way of managing its external partners as well as five of its departments in the marketing collateral creation, review, and approval process. Minimizing in-person meetings, for example, would help to streamline the process and accelerate the time-to-market of products and collateral.


Documentum Solution

The client realized the urgent need for advanced workflow and content management functionality via the Web. The company, a long-term customer of Documentum, decided to implement the Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform company-wide. As part of this process, the client transitioned its marketing materials application to the Web-based Documentum solution.

Automated Workflow Reduced Collateral Cycle by 35 Percent

The client has replaced the manual review and approval process with automated workflow processes.

Because the Documentum product supports open standards, the client was able to develop its own custom application to meet its specific workflow requirements. The application creates an audit trail for content as they move through the lifecycle model. As a result, the company has improved visibility of the status of each collateral piece. This eliminates lag-time during review and expedites the approval process through the legal, research, creative, and marketing departments.

“I am continually impressed by the audit function,” says the client’s Marketing Manager. “We can better manage each piece, see where a bottleneck is, and move quickly to solve the problem. We have better accountability. Documentum has compressed turnaround time from creation to publication from weeks to days,” she explains.

Collaboration Via Web Cut Meeting Time by 75 Percent

Building a mirrored repository that is replicated allows outside agencies to access critical information via a Web-browser. As a result, face-to-face meetings are no longer as necessary. The Documentum solution has cut the overall meeting time by 75 percent, ultimately enhancing the client’s bottom line.



With the Documentum Web-based content management solution and  its automated business process and workflow component—the client has reduced time-consuming in-person meetings. The company has accelerated the creation, review, and approval of its marketing collateral, and can now track the status of all of its collateral pieces in the life cycle. As a result, marketing collateral and products reach the market more quickly and efficiently.