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Glemser is an expert in implementing Intelex Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) software within regulated industries


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About Intelex

Intelex is a global leader in the development of EHS, ESG, and quality software. Their software provides transparency and cross organizational visibility needed to truly gain insightful intelligence, provide stakeholder communications, disclosure reporting and improve key performance areas related to ESH, ESG, and sustainability. Learn more at the links below or at www.Intelex.com

Glemser is a trusted Intelex partner with experience in implementing ESG software in regulated industries. Our solutions save time, improve quality, reduce cost and sustain compliance.

Specialized ESG Expertise

Glemser has partnered with Intelex, a leader for ESG reporting and sustainability performance

Proven ESG Strategy

We help organizations implement Intelex’s ESG framework and optimize their resources with confidence

Key Areas of Improvement

Our ESG experts make the most of your ESG investment by focusing on key areas of improvement

Glemser drives sustainability across global organizations

Global Implementation

Implement consistent, corporate-wide regulatory workflow processes with Glemser to ensure your sustainability program is operating smoothly and effectively

Monitor and Manage

Glemser’s proven quality methods help you track quality KPIs, minimize nonconformances, and sustain compliance with ESG regulations

Communicate and Educate

We use communication, best practices, and proven techniques to drive continuous improvement

Optimize Operations

Glemser optimizes processes and operations that contribute directly to ESG and quality

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