The Glemser Way

Regulatory Ray

Follow our founder, Dr. Ray Glemser, in an ongoing series to help pharmaceutical and life sciences clients navigate the issues and challenges of the industry.


We begin by learning. We learn about you, your business, and the problem.

Then, we start analyzing. We figure out how all the different parts touch the problem, some obvious, some not so obvious. We try to determine which category or pillar it falls under, but we treat all problems the same way. We look at them from the outside, trying not to let experience color our expectations and thought process.

Once we have a solid idea of what the problem is, what’s causing it, and how it’s affecting you, we sit down and talk to you about it. We want to make sure you’re seeing what we’re seeing before we get into problem solving.

Once we’re on the same page, we start thinking about how we’re going to handle this problem.


This is our favorite part. We’ve analyzed your problem, and we’re getting to work on figuring out how to solve it. We take pride in finding elegant, straightforward methods to solve problems.

We have some tools that we like to use, and we’re capable enough with them to make them do what we need.

We can create a custom solution if we need to, but we prefer to use off-the-shelf tools, it saves you money, and we can train you to use them easier.

Throughout this process, we’re working with you to make sure this answer to your problem makes sense for you. We’re pretty good on our own, but we don’t want any surprises on either side once we get to the next step.


Finally, we start implementation. This is where the rubber meets the road (or fingers meet keyboards) and we begin building the answer to your problem.

We provide status reports along the way, and we work with you to make sure our answer works with your business.

Once everything is built and connected, we monitor our work to ensure it doesn’t cause any new problems, and that it’s solving the problem we were hired to fix.

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