January 25, 2021

We are pleased to announce the launch of ComplianceAuthor for Global Labeling, an industry-leading solution powered by DocuSign, Arria and Docxonomy. This solution offers process improvement and world-wide synchronization. Improved label coordination results in enhanced patient safety. Speed-to-market and reduced costs are benefits of ComplianceAuthor.

Glemser is known in the life sciences industry for our Labeling solution and continued work with global health authorities. By partnering with DocuSign, Arria and Docxonomy, we have created a SaaS (Software as a Service) combining the latest advances in machine-learning, artificial intelligence and compliance. Leveraging our ComplianceAuthor for Global Labeling solution will help your company save tens of millions of dollars.

DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud provides secure versioning, workflow and Part 11 compliance. Arria’s Natural Language Generation enhances the patient experience by improving label coordination. Docxonomy is known for their industry-wide search engine, artificial intelligence model and vector verification. Glemser integrates these technologies into a seamless system that solves global labeling problems.

Learn more by contacting Kevin Morgan, Senior VP of Client Success, at kevin.morgan@glemser.com


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