a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

Process is important. It’s the difference between a smooth, well-oiled machine, and an inefficient, disorganized process. In the Life Sciences world, errors have the potential to be catastrophic. For that reason, Glemser takes the Process pillar of our business very seriously.

It is important to analyze the client’s current processes to determine where pitfalls and snags may occur.

Glemser follows three important steps in creating processes: analyze, create and implement.

First, we analyze your artifact(s) or existing process(es). We present observations for improvement to you, to make sure we are aligning toward your goal. We want to see the full end-to-end process and understand it. We then look for overlaps, variances and the effects on each aspect of your business.

Second, following our in-house process, we begin to create your new process. It must focus on reliable, clear processes, compliance to internal and external requirements, and most importantly, it needs to produce the same quality product/outcome each time.

The third and last step of our process is the implementation of your new process. This could mean new software, new step-by-step instructions, or whatever it is that your company needs. We work with you to launch this new process, and to make sure it’s operating well across your enterprise.

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