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We can do a lot on our own, but our strategic partners make us stronger. They enable us to do things better, faster, and more sustainably than without them.

Intelex™ is the world’s leading environmental, health & safety and quality management software solution. Intelex’s web-based management systems optimize business performance, enable regulatory compliance, and streamline ISO initiatives.

Glemser configures and validates quality applications on the Intelex platform including the management of documents, training, nonconformances, customer complaints, corrective actions, audits, inspections, operational risks, and change. Glemser also configures Intelex’s environmental and health & safety applications.

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Arria is the global leader in Natural Language Generation (NLG)—which transforms structured data into natural language. Through algorithms and modeling, Arria software replicates the human process of expertly analyzing and communicating data insights—dynamically turning data into written or spoken narrative—at machine speed and massive scale.

Arria has the greatest concentration of NLG expertise in the world, and has a growing patent portfolio of 28 core NLG patents. Arria’s rapidly growing group of major international enterprise clients—including banking, financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, consumer product goods, news and media—are now deploying NLG-driven automated reporting within their global organizations using Arria’s NLG Studio Platform. Arria’s industry partners include: Accenture, BNY Mellon, Cognizant, Deloitte, Genpact, Glemser, IBM and many others. Additional information is available at

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Docxonomy was built with pharmaceutical businesses of all sizes in mind. Search and discover your content in our secure cloud environment. It operates on top of any existing infrastructure or applications, security and access permitting. Docxonomy allows for immediate search and discovery, creating a master index of your company’s content and information. With Docxonomy, you can access and use all your unstructured data, with minimal IT involvement. Our single-user interface is familiar to all through a search bar.

Glemser has selected Docxonomy as a leading product in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Our clients are looking for search engines that operate behind their firewall and locate all the information in the enterprise. Docxonomy has pre-built configurations and APIs that allow for immediate results and outcomes for business users.

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Sparta is a premier provider of cloud and on-premise quality management software. Sparta offers solutions, analytics, and expertise that speed up quality and compliance. Sparta’s quality management solutions help to lower risk, increase efficiency, and keep consumers safe while allowing manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to collaborate in a seamless and integrated environment.

Glemser configures and validates quality applications in TrackWise™ including the management of audits, change control, complaints, compliance, corrective and preventive actions, documents, environmental health and safety, and training.

CognitiveCare is a leading bioinformatics company on a mission to detect diseases early – from gestation to geriatrics. Akin to human birth, CognitiveCare’s maiden launch is addressing Maternal and Infant Health.

CognitiveCare’s Maternal Infant Health Insights and Cognitive intelligence (MIHIC) is the world’s first comprehensive disease detection platform that integrates AI, advanced math, and stats at the intersection of medicine, biology, and genomics.  The platform generates  MIHIC Scores™, aiding in the detection of 48 maternal, fetal and infant health risks early in the pregnancy cycle to empower caregivers, payers and individuals to act proactively.

CognitiveCare’s state of the art Healthcare AI Consulting helps payers, providers, and pharma harness the power of AI, digital, and analytics capabilities to identify new opportunities and address some of their most pressing challenges related to early risk detection in healthcare. Together with its customers and partners, including Glemser, CognitiveCare is reimagining healthcare.

Download Reducing Maternal and Infant Mortality Using CognitiveCare's Solution

DocuSign, Inc. is an American company that allows organizations to manage electronic agreements with their DocuSign Agreement Cloud 2.0 offering. DocuSign ­­has recently acquired Seal Software, allowing DocuSign to integrate Seal’s technology and value proposition across the Agreement Cloud.

DocuSign offers eSignature as a way to sign electronically on different devices and DocuSign Total Search and DocuSign Intelligent Insights to help clients identify compliance risk. All signatures processed by DocuSign are compliant with the US ESIGN Act and the European Union’s eIDAS regulation, including EU Advanced and EU Qualified Signatures  and these offerings allow users to maximize revenue opportunities and reduce expenses.

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Quark offers unique, innovative and fully integrated solutions that can automate the entire content lifecycle. Our solutions automate the process with reusable ‘smart content’ components that can be dynamically assembled and delivered with precision in any format and to any channel – web, tablet, mobile, print and more. With advanced content analytics, we help in envisioning the way business critical content matures through various stages. Driven by Artificial Intelligence, our solutions support granular metadata tagging, that enhances the browsing and searching experience. With a proven delivery expertise, we serve across the length and breadth of Digital Publishing, Content Automation, Content Management, Marketing Enablement and Sales Enablement.

With a vision to revolutionize the content ecosystem, Quark is having a transformational impact within a wide range of industries, and is completely redefining how organizations author, manage, publish, access, predict and analyze business-critical content. As a result, business leaders can reduce costs, save time, improve consistency and make their content brilliant.

OpenText™ Documentum™ offers a broad set of capabilities to manage and extract value from content of all kinds across the enterprise. Its industry-leading content services allow organizations to establish control over their critical information with a single source of truth, simplifying access to the most recent, approved business content.

Glemser configures, integrates, and supports Documentum applications that simplify complex content and apply property-based rules to manage regulatory, clinical, and quality information and reduce risks.

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