Leading global healthcare company determines its manual processes pose high risk for non-compliant clinical labeling content

Implementation of Glemser’s ComplianceAuthor™ for Clinical Labeling system provides automated, validated alternative that ensures accuracy and compliance. MORE »

Glemser’s robust quality management solution implemented at Boehringer Ingelheim becomes key strategic component for improved test specifications and analytical procedures

Boehringer Ingelheim is a family-owned global corporation which was founded in 1885 in Ingelheim, Germany. It employs more than 47,700 people on all continents and generated net sales of EUR 13,317 million in 2014. MORE »

Pharmaceutical company reaps benefits of single repository labeling system

A U.S.-based pharmaceutical company with 25,000 employees worldwide and approximately $20 billion in revenue was looking to create a central repository for its labeling content. The goal was to have one, authoritative source for its worldwide labeling. MORE »

Company harmonizes global business requirements into a single quality management system

Companies today continue to move away from using multiple, local quality management processes in favor of a single, common process that can be implemented across the entire company. Going global, as it’s called, allows companies to better align global process requirements, provide continuity, and increase overall efficiency and accuracy. MORE »