The Glemser Way

Glemser is a world-class software and advisory services organization that helps manage compliance in regulated industries through high-quality technology and process solutions

We develop industry-leading IT solutions and services that drive sustained efficiency, quality and compliance in regulated industries.

Global demand for patient safety is poised to accelerate over the next decade. Glemser’s labeling solution combines artificial intelligence, natural language generation, and advanced analytics to offer modern solutions to address compliance in regulated industries.

The scope of our expertise spans the value chain of research, manufacturing and commercial operations from emerging companies to the largest global industry clients. We have a track record of successfully serving clients in similar circumstances. Our reputation for excellence is hard-earned, and we seek to maintain it in everything we do.

Our Approach Saves Time


Attain potential business growth through business action


Ensure accuracy, consistency, efficiency and customer satisfaction


Develop and implement digital transformation solutions and train employees


Listen and understand the client’s requirements


Collect and analyze opportunities for automation and compliance


Identify time-consuming processes and determine optimal solutions

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