Validation & Configuration Services for Quality Management Solutions

In partnership with Intelex, Glemser Technologies delivers an unmatched quality management approach to the life sciences market that drives performance and lowers total cost of ownership.

Glemser brings 30 years of experience helping organizations improve quality, maintain compliance and take advantage of proven technologies and 25 years of successful enterprise compliance software implementations. We help you configure, validate and host your Quality Management Solutions (QMS).

Validation Services: Streamlined compliance as your business evolves

We use a robust, risk-based software development methodology based on GAMP-5 to ensure your organization complies with FDA regulations. We can help you maintain the validated state of your quality management solution over time.

Our partnership with Intelex provides a truly comprehensive view of environmental, health, safety and quality. Beyond the implementation itself, Glemser serves as a trusted business advisor, partnering with customers to properly adopt and adapt their new systems.

Glemser Validation Model: All deliverables are designed to support validation

We offer an effective validation methodology with best practices based on GAMP-5 and our experience that has been audited and accepted by our life science clients. Our approach to validation is pragmatic and risk-based with a focus on critical business and compliance requirements.

Glemser advocates a practical validation approach that provides an appropriate amount of documented evidence of compliance with an auditable process. We deliver high-quality validation at a reasonable cost through careful planning and execution.

Getting Started: The Intelex/Glemser Engagement Model

The engagement includes three seamless pieces driven by your Intelex account manager. These include the Intelex software license, Glemser configuration and validation services, and Glemser hosting. Altogether, you receive a single solution that leverages the respective expertise of Intelex and Glemser.

To learn more or get started, please contact Jim Rosenbaum.