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Quality done right.

Quality Management truly touches every aspect of your business, from top to bottom. Learn more about how our dedication to our client success, evidenced through our quality and proven methods, ensures your engagements are on time, on budget and on benefit. Our zero-defect approach and attention to detail, are hallmarks of Glemser’s engagements in the industry.

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Content for the modern age.

Content is a lot of things, if you can read it, it’s content. Our clients face global regulatory challenges with filings and supporting the single source of truth across their enterprise. Based on our decades of experience, we understand the content, context, issues and opportunities that our clients face daily.

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Process is crucial to compliance.

Process is important. It’s the difference between a smooth, well-oiled machine, and an inefficient, disorganized process. In the Life Sciences world, errors have the potential to be catastrophic. For that reason, Glemser takes the Process pillar of our business very seriously. Simplify your process… get in touch.

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What We Do

Glemser serves life science clients by assuring product quality, improving regulatory compliance and gaining operational efficiencies that reduce costs. We develop industry-leading IT solutions and services that are essential for life science clients throughout North America, Europe and Asia to solve their most pressing challenges in quality, compliance and efficiency. Dedication to our client success is of the upmost importance to us, as evidenced through our quality and proven methods for over 30 years. Our talented global professionals and approach to quality result in client engagements that are on time, on budget and on benefit.

Emerging technologies, innovative methods and cloud computing are modernizing our clients’ portfolios. We utilize Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Generation and Advanced Analytics to address our clients’ most pressing business opportunities. We listen, understand and offer pragmatic solutions to global regulatory environments. Our expertise spans the value chain of research, manufacturing and commercial operations from emerging companies to the largest industry clients. We take the time to listen carefully and fully understand client requests to exceed their expectations.

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How We Do It

First, Glemser takes a deep dive into your business. We start by learning about you, analyzing the problem, and figuring out how all the different parts of your business are affected by the issue. These could be regulatory, R&D, compliance, IT, supply chain, or any other division of your company.

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We believe problems naturally affect more than one part of a business. Our process allows us to visualize how a problem touches every part of your business.

Next, we work with the affected areas to create a tailored solution to resolve your issue. We work closely with you to solve the problem in an effective, manageable way.

Lastly, we implement the solution. And we make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently, without causing any new issues.

This is what we call The Glemser Way. We’ve developed this process over the life of our company, and we’ve found it to deliver results time and again.

Who We Are

Glemser started with IBM Watson Research and Lehigh University solving problems in high-tech manufacturing in 1987. We’ve expanded our abilities and processes since then, gaining expertise in pharmaceutical and life science compliance and regulatory problems. Headquartered in Bethlehem, PA with offices in Dublin, Ireland and New Delhi, India, Glemser can work with you wherever you are.

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