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Compare ComplianceAuthor® AI
to Other Structured Content Solutions for Life Sciences

Your business deserves more than just a way to organize content – it deserves a strategic advantage. That’s ComplianceAuthor® AI.

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ComplianceAuthor® AI vs. Traditional Structured Content Management

ComplianceAuthor® AI redefines how you author and manage structured content, offering distinct advantages over traditional solutions.
Feature ComplianceAuthor® AI Traditional Solutions
Content generation
Rapid content creation powered by AI
Manual content creation
Compliance management
Automated compliance checks
Manual compliance checks
Seamless integration with your familiar systems
Often requires complex integration
Easily scalable to meet your specific needs
Limited scalability
Reduces content generation time by 50%
Lengthy content creation timelines
High precision, low error rate
Prone to errors and inconsistencies
Analytics & insights
AI-powered insights for data-driven decisions
Limited analytical capabilities
Adapts to ever-changing regulations
Difficulty adapting to regulatory changes
Cost efficiency
Reduced manual work
High operational costs

What ComplianceAuthor® AI Adds to Your Authoring Process

Not all SCM tools are created equal. ComplianceAuthor® AI redefines the standard, offering an array of features that surpass the limitations of your current solutions.
Your Current Solution
ComplianceAuthor® AI
Your Current Solution

Extensive XML expertise needed for XML generation

Time-consuming manual assembly 

No NLG capabilities 

Cannot merge with familiar software like MS word

Cannot track or manage content components

No industry-specific extensions 

No centralized content management 

Manual metadata tagging 

Sparse real-time updates

No way to manage versions 

ComplianceAuthor® AI

Automatic XML generation, no XML expertise needed

Modular, componentized authoring and assembly 

Natural language generation (NLG)

Collaborative, parallel review process inside MS Word with automotive feedback merging

SCM processes for tracking components

Life sciences capabilities (CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, eSignatures)

Central server for components

Direct metadata tagging

Regulatory alerts and updates

Version control and audit trails ensuring transparency

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