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Label Conversion Services On-Demand

Outsource your label conversions including SPL, SPM, ePI FHIR, and Pharma Ledger to save your team time, money, and effort with submission-ready label outputs on demand.

How it Works

Reduce label conversion 
to less than 2 days

Our on-demand label conversion services helps life science regulatory professionals easily request and manage electronic product information submissions. Simply drop your product labeling and product data information into our on-demand service portal and we return your validated and submission-ready ePI in 1-2 business days.

Structured Product
Labeling (SPL)

Request label conversions with SPL on-demand, enabling a less than 2-day conversion process while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.


Quickly convert your unstructured and structured labels to Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR) based ePIs for improved data exchange and accuracy.

Pharma Ledger

Seamlessly convert EU package leaflet labels into pharma ledger-compliant formats with detailed quality checks.


Label conversion for busy teams

Need more bandwidth? Want to focus your people on more critical functions? Our label conversion services are perfect for teams that have neither the time nor expertise to manage things like XML conversion or regulatory submission on their own.

Access a team with 200+ years’ combined experience

Add capacity during peak workloads

Outsource only when you need us or all the time

 Reduce training & management costs

Accelerate label conversions

Mitigate compliance risk

Simplify XML conversion

Improve quality assurance

Optimize internal resources

Streamline market entry

What users say about ComplianceAuthor® AI


What users say about ComplianceAuthor® AI

My company depends on Glemser to provide fast and accurate label support for our global product portfolio. We have been a long-time client and depend upon their staff to support our SPL requirements. Glemser manages all the details and communicates effectively with my team. They are easy to engage and keep us informed of any quality snags throughout the process.

Director, Global Labeling, Large Italian Pharma

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