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Structured Content AI for Cannabis Labeling

Maintain compliance with state and local labeling regulations with ComplianceAuthor® AI.

Add component management to your
cannabis labeling workflow

ComplianceAuthor® AI simplifies your internal processes around authoring, reusing, translating, and managing cannabis labels.

ComplianceAuthor® AI ingest your cannabis related documentation and structures everything into editable components.

ComplianceAuthor® AI allows author’s to operate in MS-Word to reduce training requirements. Our design principle of component management allow author’s and users the latest in content management capabilities.

ComplianceAuthor® AI helps users, regulatory bodies and authorized third parties easily collaborate to generate a compliant output with a full audit trail.

ComplianceAuthor® AI manages technical translations out of the box and supports in-house and third-party translation service providers.

ComplianceAuthor® AI provides robust publishing capabilities that allow you to submit your labels quickly and easily.


Meet location-based compliance every single time

With ComplianceAuthor® AI for cannabis labeling, multi-state marijuana operators can maintain compliance to state and local labeling regulations through a single, easy-to-use technology platform using artificial intelligence, structured content and natural language generation.

Streamlined label authoring

Effortlessly accelerate and simplify label creation, review, and translation, reducing time-to-market and boosting productivity.

  • Cut your labeling process by up to 50%
  • Reuse content to generate many compliant outputs to meet market requirements
  • Provide audit trail and simplification of
    stakeholder feedback

Outputs for every regulatory authority

Experience seamless compatibility with state and local output requirements, ensuring your labels are ready for every market and medium.

  • Compatible with any output; state or local
  • Scales to meet inevitable federal requirements
  • Responsive localization based on regional

Works with your tech stack

ComplianceAuthor® AI integrates easily with your existing cannabis systems, amplifying your capabilities.
  • Enhance authoring while maintaining core processes
  • Improve quality and compliance with automation
  • Maximize the value of current resources without extensive overhauls

Built for cannabis labeling content

ComplianceAuthor® AI makes the authoring, collaboration, and management of all your component-based structured cannabis labeling-related content easier.

Content analytics and change control

Search, find, index and monitor content with NLP.

Structured product labeling

Assemble outputs from compliant components built from your data.

Generative AI content creation

Use AI to generate content and reports to accelerate time to market.


Tools for the whole team

Accelerate your cannabis labeling with AI-powered features and low-cost tools, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and compliance.

state and local extensions
Modular & componentized authoring & assembly
Familiar Microsoft Word interface
Automatic XML generation
artwork management capabilities
Granular authoring process integrations
Collaborative review process
Automatic feedback merging
impact analysis for tracking changes to components
Integrates with other solutions (Veeva, Documentum, Sharepoint)
Pre-configured outputs & picklists

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