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Use cases

AI-powered component management for all your pharmaceutical content

Bring generative AI and better component management to the entire drug development lifecycle.

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Streamline document creation

and translation across development

Accelerate authoring workflows and content timelines for any type of pharmaceutical document no matter what stage of development you’re in.

Global labeling

Access, update and reuse structured components for global labels in real-time and keep all your content organized, unified and compliant.

Clinical labeling

Expedite the creation of precise and compliant labels, adapt to evolving trial requirements, and enhance patient safety and regulatory compliance.

Test specifications for CMC

Leverage generative AI to maintain the quality and integrity of scientific documentation while streamlining the authoring and management process for CMC specifications.

Cannabis labeling

Simplify the creation of compliant and accurate labels in a dynamic and evolving sector with a solution built to meet the unique demands of the cannabis industry.

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