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On-demand HL7 FHIR Conversion Services

Outsource your ePI FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) label conversions and save your team time, money, and effort with submission-ready outputs on demand.

How it Works

Rapidly convert product labels to HL7 FHIR format

Glemser ePI FHIR conversion services help you quickly scale the process of converting and validating your documentation, in any language. Upload your data and information to our automated, GxP-compliant, on-demand service portal and get fully validated outputs in 1-2 business days.

Future-proof your pharmaceutical labels

Creating health authority-approved documentation requires significant time, expense and human resources—especially for updating components like formulation changes. Converting to FHIR allows for the seamless exchange of data, streamlining interoperability and commercialization.

Dramatically improve the patient experience

With Glemser, modernization is at your fingertips – we take your traditional, labor-intensive processes and streamline them so you can meet and exceed expectations.


Automate and scale
ePI FHIR conversion with AI

See how Glemser scales FHIR conversion with an AI-powered, human-managed platform built to handle thousands of conversions at scale. Our system is ideal for teams that don’t have the time or expertise to manage conversions on their own.

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Using AI to automate conversions

Learn how our structured content AI helps convert label documents to the FHIR format at scale.

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Enhancing patient safety

See how your converted ePI FHIR documents work with a patient LENS to improve patient safety.

What firms say about Glemser


What firms say about Glemser

We depend on Glemser’s team to provide a combination of business, technical and change management in our Quality department. Their consulting team plays an important role for both new and existing business processes, while understanding the implementation considerations that are so important to our global product portfolio. We depend on Glemser for business process improvements, opportunity resolutions and level two support. Glemser is responsive and dedicated to our success.

Senior Director of Global Quality, Large NY Pharma


What is ePI FHIR conversion?
ePI FHIR conversion is the process of converting health authority-approved labels into the HL7 FHIR XML output schema, facilitating interoperability between healthcare systems and patients.
Why is ePI FHIR conversion important?

According to the World Health Organization, unsafe care leads to 3 million deaths every year and puts 1 in 10 patients in harm’s way—50% of that harm is attributed to medications and entirely preventable. Converting labels into more standardized, interoperable and patient-friendly formats, such as FHIR, helps reduce this harm and improve patient safety. 

How do I get started?

Reach out to us today and one of our ePI FHIR experts will be in touch. 

How quickly can you start converting labels?

It takes less than 5 days to get up and running with our conversion service.

How does it work?

Glemser provides access to a secure portal through which you submit your files for conversion. Conversions are executed in the order they are received.

How many conversions can you support?

Glemser can support hundreds to thousands of conversions and can flex to meet most needs.

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