What We Do

Glemser Technologies is a solutions business. We analyze, comprehend, and solve complex problems in pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, life sciences, and high tech manufacturing.

Glemser started with IBM Watson Research and Lehigh University solving problems in high-tech manufacturing in 1987. We’ve expanded our abilities and processes since then, gaining expertise in pharmaceutical and life science compliance and regulatory problems.

Headquartered in Bethlehem, PA with offices in Dublin, Ireland and New Delhi, India, Glemser is able to work with you wherever you are.

How We Do It

First, Glemser takes a deep dive into your business. We start by learning about you, analyzing the problem, and figuring out how all the different parts of your business are affected by the issue. These could be regulatory, R&D, compliance, IT, supply chain, or any other division of your company.

We believe problems naturally affect more than one part of a business. Our process allows us to visualise how a problem touches every part of your business.

Next, we work with the affected areas to create a tailored solution to resolve their issue. We work closely with you to solve the problem in a effective, manageable way.

Lastly, we implement the solution. And we make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently, without causing any new issues.

Learn more about solutions we’ve created with the case studies below.

What We’ve Done

What We Can Do For You

Glemser specializes in solving complex problems in pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, life sciences, and high tech manufacturing.

We have a unique view of problems. We see problems as overlapping rings, affecting every part of your business. So we know how much work goes into solving the problem.

We can help you see problems the way we do, and help the divisions of your business work better together. More economic, efficient, and faster.

We can solve your problem.

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