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Structured, XML-Based Authoring Made Easy

Whether in client meetings, conferences like DIA, or during participation in Gartner, Navitas, or Forrester special interest groups, there is always a buzz about Microsoft Word and the challenges it presents to structured content. In support of XML structured content authoring at the component level, there needs to be an integration with a tool to manage and modify content that doesn’t require any prior XML knowledge.

When managing content at the section level, it’s important to use the appropriate level of granularity. At Glemser, we manage components at the section level. For example, all labeling documents are comprised of sections like “Indications”, “Dosage and Administration”, “Contraindications” etc. These sections can represent a top-level section or a sub-section. In Glemser’s agency-neutral format, we create components for all these sections and manage properties for these components to provide more context to the entity that is stored in the system. These properties include the type of the section, section description, language, and product information, making it easy to search and re-use. These sections can contain any number of paragraphs, tables, lists, or images. This approach maintains the context associated with each component and allows for easy component use, reuse, management, and search.

To do this, we use a proven Microsoft Word plug-in. This allows users to interact with XML data via the Microsoft Word interface, not requiring any code or prior knowledge of XML. Not only is this easy to implement but the familiar interface requires little to no training. Glemser’s software partner, Quark, working alongside the experts at Frost & Sullivan recently published a white paper on this topic that does an excellent job of detailing this approach. 

About Glemser

Since 1987, Glemser’s team of global technology advisors has been providing software and advisory services for life science companies and regulated industries. We help our clients incorporate emerging technologies and innovative methods to address their most pressing business needs. In doing so, Glemser allows companies to better develop and commercialize medications for improved patient outcomes.

Glemser is modernizing the future of global product labeling with ComplianceAuthor™ Solutions. A solution that reduces the time to produce a submission-ready label by up to 50%. ComplianceAuthor™ Solutions is an innovative component-based, structured content authoring system that saves time, improves quality, and sustains compliance via artificial intelligence and machine learning.

At Glemser, we draw on our extensive experience implementing large-scale IT solutions for global companies to successfully execute and validate content and quality management solutions. These solutions meet the evolving needs of our clients as their cultures and systems change over time.

About Quark

Quark knows content! With over 40 years of experience, they provide content automation, intelligence, and design software for end-to-end content lifecycle management. Customers worldwide rely on Quark to modernize their content ecosystems so they can automate omnichannel publishing of mission-critical documents and analyze production and engagement insights for the greatest return on their content investments. Glemser’s solution, ComplianceAuthor™, leverages Quark Publishing Platform and Quark XML Author to provide an automated end-to-end solution for global labeling, IDMP, clinical labeling, and test specification processes.